Amir Ben-Solomon, CHt is a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy in the alternative health care field. Having mastered the techniques of Transcendental Meditation while on the campus of Michigan State University, Dr. Solomon proceded to acquire mastery in hypnosis, NLP and esoteric healing.

Starting his hypnotherapy practice, Solomon Wellness & Hypnosis Center in Manhattan, New York over twenty years ago, he decided to return to his roots and opened up his practice in Wilmington, NC. A motivational speaker, youth organizer, life-long entrepreneur, and family man, Dr. Solomon has dedicated his life to helping people realize their goals and dreams.

The expansion of services offered by Solomon Wellness & Hypnosis Center includes the construction of a commercial solar-powered greenhouse and aquaponics system. Solomon Certified Organics aims to serve and empower local communities by providing affordable, safe and healthy organic food to the area. Dr. Solomon and his partners feel honored to be in a position to grow, process, market and distribute organic food in a sustainable manner.

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