Smoking Cessation
Weight Loss
Panic Attacks
Pain Management
Memory Improvement
Build Self Esteem
All Phobias
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Improve Sex Life
Childbirth Pain Management
Morning Sickness
Alcohol Abuse
Drug Abuse
Anger Management
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Attention Deficit Disorder
End Procrastination
Stop Nail Biting
End Bad Habits
End Shyness
Improve Relationships
Increase Focus/Concentration
Gain Self Confidence
Increase Energy
Motivation to Exercise
Emotional Self-Improvement
End Insomnia
Increase Happiness
Total Wellness

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Every experience in life is stored in the subtle energy astral body — which contains the emotional and mental bodies — and in the gross physical body. Although the mental body stores experiences as memories and the emotional body stores experiences as feelings, the physical body is the primary container for all experiences. Each cell in the physical body stores information. Like a sponge, each cell absorbs the subtle thought-form and emotion energies from the mental and emotional bodies, as well as the physical sensations from an experience.

As the energy is absorbed, it causes an imprint. Imprinting occurs when an experience produces an intense sensation — typically described as pleasure or pain. When an experience produces an intense sensation, an electro-magnetic charge is imprinted, which results in craving or aversion. The subtle emotional and mental electro-magnetic charge is imprinted in the gross physical body, which stores the information in its cells. The word attachment is synonymous with imprint.

When a current event mirrors a previous experience, the imprint (the original sensation associated with the past experience) is triggered, causing you to react. Produced by fear, reactions give rise to unhealthy emotions such as rage, lust, anxiety, impatience, envy, resentment, worry, hysteria and guilt, as well as unhealthy behaviors such as blame, criticism, co-dependency, judgment, expectations, sentimentality, worship, addictions, compulsions, or obsessions, arrogance or deceit. The stronger the imprint/attachment, the stronger the reaction.

Fear produces reactions, such as resistance and desire. When an imprint is triggered, the resistance to feel pain or the desire to feel pleasure causes you to react. Reaction leads to resistance — when the fear is that you will feel pain. Reaction leads to desire — when the fear is that you will not feel (enough) pleasure.

Healing occurs when energetic imprints are discharged. Discharge imprints/attachments and you will live in Bliss, fully present in every moment. Hypnosis helps you to unravel and dissolve unhealthy imprints. The negative charges associated with dysfunctional imprints and conditioning do not have to rule your life. You do not have to become the culmination of your experiences. You do not have to be a victim.

Hypnotherapy enables you to heal the wounds suffered in childhood, and dissolve dysfunctional behavior patterns so that you are less reactive. You will come to understand that you do matter, you are important and you are a Divine child of Spirit. You will realize you are lovable and worthy of being loved. Hypnotherapy enables your social and intimate relationships to improve. Heal your wounds and you will break the cycle of re-creating the past abuse. By doing this, you will break the chains of familial, cultural, racial, national and ancestral dysfunction. Use the tool of hypnotherapy and hypno-analysis to take action to dissolve your imprints.


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