Port City Dispensary is proud to present the world's first cannabis Hypnotherapy and wellness treatment options with Solomon Hypnosis Center in Wilmington, NC


The very latest in cutting edge,
state of the art Hypnotherapy Treatment!

Dr. Amir Ben-Solomon, Cht is an Industry Pioneer helping to educate, empower and serve hypnosis patients interested in exploring the symbiotic relationship between Cannabis Therapy & Hypnotherapy.

"Deep Trance Hypnosis" unleashes the brain's ability to slow brain wave patterns down to Delta, triggering release of large quantities of healing growth hormone

"Whole Brain Integration Hypnosis" for inducing superior mental abilities and synchronizing left and right brain hemisphere dominance for a more balanced mind

"Pineal Gland Decalcification and Reactivation Hypnosis" releases stress that inhibits production of essential serotonin levels in the body

Used together, Hypnosis and Cannabis Therapy deliver superior ability to inhibit electro-magnetic charges imprinted in the gross physical body which stores all information in the cells.

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