Deadly Sugar

After you Stop Smoking


Just as we exercise our bodies to feel better and improve our physical health, stimulating the brain through hypnosis "exercises" the brain, bringing better mental and emotional health, increased creativity and intellectual functioning. Deep trance hypnotherapy works by enhancing brain wave patterns responsible for cerebral performance.

There are four categories of brain wave patterns. The most rapid brain wave pattern is that of "beta," which is the pattern of normal, waking, alert consciousness and cognition. As we become more relaxed, the brain wave slows into the "alpha" range. As this brain wave deepens, it is known as the twilight state — between sleep and waking. Distractions begin to lessen as stress levels are lowered. Slower still are "theta" brain waves — the pattern that makes possible dreaming, increased creativity, super-learning, increased memory and integrative experience. The deep, trance-like, non-physical state brought about by the "delta" brain wave pattern triggers brain hemisphere synchronicity and the release of large quantities of healing growth hormone.

Clients of Solomon Wellness and Hypnosis Center enjoy the benefits of experiencing theta to delta brain wave patterns. As we slow the brain wave patterns from beta to alpha to theta to delta, there is a corresponding increase in balance between the two hemispheres of the brain. Through hypnosis, the usual dominance of one brain hemisphere over the other actually shifts into whole-brain integration — where superior mental abilities and experiences are induced. Some of these abilities include focusing of attention, problem solving, memory, learning, pain control, ability to sleep and euphoric creative insight.

Hypnotherapy enables us to function less self-consciously and more intuitively. Feelings of separateness and unhappiness are replaced by a unified, widened scope of awareness which helps us to peacefully and comfortably achieve our goals. By synchronizing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, hypnosis allows a person to have greater access to internal and external knowledge, thus making it easier to change negative behavior patterns and feelings.

In fact, in neurotechnological tests conducted by biofeedback researchers, hypnosis subjects scored as being "psychologically healthier, had more social poise, were less rigid and conforming, and were more self-accepting and creative." Another remarkable effect was that these subjects became very healthy. Emotionally, these people had "improved relationships with other people as well as greater tolerance, understanding and love of oneself and of one's world."


A person who knows not And knows not that he knows not Is foolish — disregard him.

A person who knows not and Knows that he knows not Is simple — teach him.

A person who knows not and believes that he knows Is dangerous — avoid him.

A person who knows and knows not that he knows Is asleep — awaken him.

A person who knows and Knows that he knows Is wise —follow him.

All of these persons reside in you... Know Thyself! And to maat* be true.

An Ancient Egyptian Proverb Written by Imhotep
*maat means "balance"